Wednesday, August 11, 2010

r u drunk CONTEST!!

If you don't mind, before I launch into the details of the r u drunk contest, I'd like to talk about r u drunk a little. Some of you probably may have been wondering what MobilityWare, the dominant developer of “traditional” casual games, is doing releasing an app called “r u drunk?”  Here at MobilityWare, we'd like to think of ourselves as a casual entertainment provider.  Sure, we’re best known for casual games like Solitaire and Blackjack, but we offer many others, such as Word Warp, Hangman, Word Search, Word Warp
Xtreme, and even Apple Tree.  Obviously, they're not all for people of the same age.  Different people have different views on entertainment.   Sometimes, the same people have different preferences of entertainment at different times.  r u drunk is an app that we created for one of those one of those different times.  We think it’s entertaining but we'd like to point out that we're certainly not advocating that anyone get drunk.  With the addition of new games within the app, we think people will want to play more often.  We also thought we’d have some fun and test the public's creativity.  

Therefore, to present r u drunk in a fun-filled entertaining manner,we'd like your help and imagination to help people become familiar with r u drunk.  Hopefully by now you guys have recovered from the weekend and we also hope that you got a chance to check out the r u drunk application.  In case you haven't because you didn't have the cash to buy it, or just been lazy to download the new FREE VERSION, we're offering you a chance to win an iTunes gift card that you can use to buy the r u drunk app and perhaps some other ones too!  All you need is to gather whatever brain cells you have left (I kid) and be a little creative!

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So our little contest here requires you to come up with a story revolving around r u drunk.  Did it help you start the night off right?  Did it help you get the number of the pretty brunette by the bar? Did it get you out of trouble with the police?  Regardless, we want to know!   The story need not be true; we just want to hear the best story, fictional or otherwise!

Here are the basic guidelines:

1.    You must come up with a story (real or fictional) based on, or inspired by, your experience with the r u drunk application.
2.    All entries must be entirely original and written in English and sent to by August 30th, 2010 (we've extended the deadline. See #6)
3.    Stories must be limited to 500 words or fewer.
4.    Only one entry per person.
5.    Participants must be at least 21 years of age.
6.    Due to the sudden influx of entries, we've decided to extend the deadline of the contest to September 8th, 2010 so we can hear about all of your Labor Day craziness!!

Full rules available here:

Here's something we came up with.  Our story revolves around a little something introducing r u drunk to everybody else, but yours can be completely different.  As long as your story involves r u drunk in some capacity, we'll consider it an entry!

The Fourth of July 2010 was a fantastic weekend.  I definitely enjoyed my vacation, and it was made even more exciting when I received a call from my friend Eddie around 1 am Saturday.
 Before I begin my story, let me tell you a little something about Eddie.  He's one of those guys in college everybody knew about, a fixture at every party and just one of the nicest guys around. But Eddie drinks, quite heavily might I add, and when he does, hilarity and excitement ensues.  It seems that when most people start off a story with "Oh my god, last night was so funny," Eddie's name was soon to follow.

So I get a call from Eddie early Monday morning and before I can even say hello, the following conversation takes place.

Eddie: I'm drunk

(Now this is a first, because as much as Eddie drinks, he's proud to say that he's never ever declared himself as drunk, so it was quite a shock.)

Me:  Wow I don’t think I've ever heard you say that, where are you?

Eddie: A bar on 17th.  I feel amazing right now, but it says I'm drunk

Me: What says you're drunk?

Eddie: This application on my phone! It's the most amazing thing ever!  So much fun, and yet it's kind of keeping me in line.

Me:  How's that?

Eddie:  It's got all these tests on it that tells me if I'm drunk!!  A balance test, a straight line test, breathalyzer test!!  I can't pass any of them!

Me:  So does that mean you're going to take a cab home now?

Eddie:  NO WAY!  People are loving it!!  This app says everybody's drunk! We're all taking tequila shots in 5 minutes.  SHOTS!

Me:  So what other functions does this app have?

Eddie: Umm, it's got a calculator that tells me what my BAC should be.  But I don't even remember what I've drank tonight.  Tonight's been really fun.  I can't believe you went to a different party.

Me:  Sorry Eddie, I'll make it up to you next weekend

Eddie:  YOU BETTER!  You got to check out this app man, it's got mini games on there too, like a cup stacking games and a beer pouring game…it's nuts!  Speaking of which, I got to finish this beer so we can get ready for this shot!  SHOTS!  SHOTS!

Me:  What's the name of the app?

Eddie:  Haha, its called r u drunk.  And I am!  And everybody else here is too!  Go get it from the App Store!!

Me:  Ok I'll check it out.  Call me tomorrow.  Drink responsibly.

Eddie:  Definitely!! Bye!!!

Hope we inspired you!  Remember, you have until August 30th, 2010.  Start brainstorming!

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